What is a website and why is it important?

So, what is a website and why is it important? The home base of your brand online, a website is the all-important nucleus of your online visibility and interaction. Creating a meeting point where by you can show off your ethos, work and brand persona to prospective clients, a website is the hub of your business activity online.

A must have for any business looking to build an online presence, a website is your own dedicated space that gives you free reign over what to show your clients. The first impression if you will, your business website tells the prospective customers what it is you do and how you go about doing it. Showing off your products and services, this is how anyone around the world can find you when they need to. A website can take on many different forms, depending on your offering to your market. Whether a single landing page with your details, or an in depth site that has sections and blog pages, a website can be built to your specifications.

As a business, there are endless ways that a website can help your marketing efforts. A much needed element in today’s modern, digital world, there are very few businesses that cannot benefit from a dedicated website.

Market visibility

Arguably the most important role of a website is that it allows you to grow your online presence and market directly to your audience. With a number of ways to market and grow visibility of a website, this aims to become the metaphorical Rome that all roads lead to. Whether through optimized content or targeted advertising, linking between sites or paying to rank it at the top of searches, a websites main goal is to be the recognisable face of your business online.

Cost Effective

A website, while not always cheap, is a predictable expense that can be adjusted as you need. A straight forward expense that is not susceptible to sudden and unexpected changes, this is a great way to get what you need while sticking to a well-planned budget. For an insanely automated site you may pay a pretty penny, but for the usual run-of-the-mill site it is a pretty affordable route.

Accessible 24/7

Not influenced by trading hours or store rules, a website never closes. Whether simple info or an online shop, a website gives your customers access to your products all day, every day. Circumventing the usual nine to seven trading hour routine, this gives customers endless time to browse your offerings and decide what they want. This also means that you can operate as a business not only after hours, but also on a global scale.

Convenience at its finest

Rather than having to go from place to place, a website allows consumers to quickly and easily find what they want. Whether looking for a stylish dress or a plumber, being online makes it simple for people to find you, whatever their needs. Convenient to no end, being visible online makes finding and ordering your business efficient and effective.

Build credibility

Providing the opportunity for a business to market its products and services, as well as show testimonials and product reviews, a website can become a source of vital information to the consumer. This then shows off the knowledge and insight the business has into these products or services, building the reputation as a good, credible source of information.