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Whether you’re a beginner, business owner or marketing professional looking to upskill, REGEWALL TECHNOLOGY is perfect for you to become a global digital marketer.

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Are you fascinated with the world of digital marketing but are a complete novice? If you are, and want to learn the fundamentals of online marketing, then Regewall Technology offers you  Basics of Digital Marketing Training that is perfect for you.

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Old thinking and practices don’t cut it. Our online digital marketing training are for innovators and entrepreneurs, career changers, upskillers, digital specialist-seekers and anyone with a vision and a message.

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Search Engine Optimisation

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Digital Marketing Strategy

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How much digital wizardry do you already command at your fingertips? And how does that compare to others who may be trying out the same opportunities as you?

Notes from around the world

Project Management for The Media Training

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training

Display and Video Advertising

Introduction to Digital Marketing

The Global Standard in Digital Marketing Training

Traditional Marketers and Marketing Executives who want to play a bigger, sharper game
IT Managers
Small Business Owners who may or may not want to stay small
Whoever needs to create and apply a digital marketing strategy for their organization
Marketing Managers and Senior Management
Graduates with no plans to wait around
Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneuria
Career Changers

Content Marketing

Cultural Research

Website Optmisation

Connecting with the Customer

Developing Objectives

Principles of Digital Marketing

Marketing in the digital age
Components of a digital marketing strategic plan
Understanding the differences between marketing and advertising
Identifying and understanding digital target markets

SEO fundamentals
Keyword research
Onsite and offsite optimisation techniques
Link building strategies
Labelling of a website
SEO and website structure
Auditing websites
Identifying SEO problems
Writing SEO copywriting
Reading analytics
Understanding your analytics

Using Social media channels strategically
Choosing the right channels for your business
Content marketing for social media
Influencer marketing
Creating paid advertising for social media
Optimising your social media advertising
Reading your social media analytics
Crowdsourcing for social media
Online reputation management
Social media sharing platforms
Understanding your social media analytics

Understanding user behaviour
Objectives of content marketing
Developing a content marketing style
Developing a content strategy
Writing digital copy
Structuring a content calendar
Identifying content gaps
Writing for your brand
Writing for your digital persona’s

Search advertising on the SERPS
Display advertising
Video marketing and advertising
Keyword research
Designing PPC advertising copy for search engine marketing
Social media advertising
Using analytics for paid advertising

Introduction to advertising
Understanding your target audience
Establishing the right payment models for your business goals
Facebook advert designing
Instagram advert designing and formatting
Twitter advert creation
LinkedIn advertising creation and design
YouTube Advertising and design strategies
Setting up marketing budgets for different platforms
Understanding your advertising metrics and setting KPI’s

Different types of email marketing
Email marketing strategy
Email metrics and KPI’s
Writing for email marketing
Audience segmentation
Conversion optimisation for email
Defining email objectives

Mobile communication
SMS marketing
UX for mobile
Writing for mobile
MMS marketing
Mobile user behaviour
Mobile marketing strategy
Measuring your mobile marketing efforts

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