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Social Media Packages

 Let us help you grow the right audience!

We provide both Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Management. If you just want us to revamp & brand your Social Media Profile, we can do that as well. Talk to us about our social media packages and how social media can help you grow your business. We use social media to drive targeted traffic to your website, grow your audience and increase your online reputation.

 Social Media Setup / Optimization (Once Off)

social media packages
social media packages facebook design




Audience Classification

Pinpointing your target audiences, as well as their interests, challenges and needs. All valuable characteristics and demographics of your target market will be identified at the start of any social media program.

Community Classification.

After identifying target audiences, we will define the platforms and communities where your brand message resonates best. This will create awareness, drive traffic and create lead opportunities.

Social Media Monitoring

Developing a “social media dashboard” for monitoring target audience use of relevant keywords, discussions and activities

Content Development.

The first phase will involve determining your communication style and tone, to establish guidelines informed by best brand and marketing practices.

Content Marketing

Quality content forms the basis of all of our social media and SEO programs. To find out more about our B2B content marketing programs, click here

Website Reporting and Analysis.

Ongoing analysis and reporting on significant metrics – search engine and social media, website visitors, and how content performance and strategy impacts sales initiatives and lead generation.

Micro / Small Website
R 850
Micro / Small Website

Setup for a single social media platform.

Eg. Facebook OR Twitter Social media integration with your website.

Basic / Small Website
R 1,700
Basic / Small Website

Setup of any two social media platforms.

Eg. Facebook & Twitter Social media integration with website


Setup of any three social media platforms.

Suggeseted Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Social media integration with your website

R 3,400

Setup of any 5 social media platforms.

Suggeseted Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube Social media integration with your website

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