Social Media Marketing

Snap Up Some Marketing Success

Do you use Snapchat to help market your small business? If the answer is no, what are you missing out on? If the answer is yes, what can you teach other businesses about the pros of marketing via this social tool?

Snap Up Some Marketing Success
When you think about using social media to market for your business, Facebook and Twitter are probably the first two sites that come to mind. Think about it for a while and you might consider Pinterest or Instagram. You definitely think about networking with LinkedIn. But what about Snapchat?

If Snapchat has never crossed your mind as a business tool, should it? Created as a way for teens to share images that disappear in moments, it doesn’t seem like it would have any value at first glance. Numerous companies have looked past the initial viewpoint to see the potential to target a brand new audience. If you haven’t considered it before, now may be the time.

What Snapchat Has to Offer
First, consider the main audience of Snapchat. The average person on this network is between the ages of 13 and 25. If your target customer is in that age group, you must consider Snapchat.

While the site started out with images and video that is only available for up to 10 seconds, there are now Snapchat Stories that are available for 24 hours. This added feature gives businesses more time to convey their message while still maintaining a sense of urgency that compels people to buy.

Ways to Use Snapchat
So you now know Snapchat could benefit your business, but you’re still not sure how to use it. Begin by looking at current customers. Encourage their loyalty by sending them special offers on Snapchat. Have them send a snap to you in return for a free giveaway or discount coupon. Maybe the snap has to be a picture of them using your product or showing that they need what you sell.

The idea with promotions like this is to engage your customers and create loyalty. Have them send the name of a friend to win a prize. Once the friend adds your business on Snapchat, the person gets a reward.

The New Story Feature
With the new Stories, you can do even more. It allows you to include images along with a five-second video. Use it to present a story about your company or give the latest update on a new product or promotion. Send people to your website or other pages at the end of the story.

This is also a great place to preview a new product or update on the latest product. Instead of lamenting that the video or images last only a few seconds, use that short time frame to create a teaser that will leave your audience wanting more. Make it into a series with each storytelling just a small part about the product. By the time it finally arrives in the store, your audience will be so pumped, they can’t stay away.

If you aren’t using Snapchat for your business, you should be. This new social media network has a lot of potentials if your target market is a youthful demographic. If you are using the network, look at new ways to enhance your current marketing strategy.