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 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want more traffic to your website?

If you are not getting calls or enquiries directly from your website on a daily basis, then there is room for improvement with your online marketing strategy.

         Did you know that:

  • 80% of users search for your website through a mobile device
  • 97% of people search online before doing business
  • 61% of South African research online and purchase offline
  • 95% is Google’s marketshare in South Africa
  • 75% of users don’t scroll past the 1st page in Google



Why your business needs SEO

  • Search is where your customers are.
  • SEO brings you super-targeted traffic.
  • SEO is an investment in your business
  • Your competitors are doing it
  • SEO helps you compete with big budget competitors.



Generate organic Leads, Facilitate Conversions, Boost ROI


Keyword Research.

Essential to any SEO strategy, keyword research allows us to identify buyer personas and target markets, for enhanced content marketing and social media initiatives.

Content Optimisation.

Improved keyword visibility, social media presence and inbound link acquisition. Our content optimisation program primarily focuses on potential customers, particularly lead acquisition and user experience.

Content Marketing.

Quality content is key to any SEO or social media program. To find out more about our content marketing programs,

Acquiring Inbound Links.

Reviewing internal and external assets, and market competition to take advantage of valuable, long-term link building opportunities – NOT short-sighted schemes.

Social Media Marketing.

Social media and SEO synchronised to unlock lead opportunities and distinguish brand voice, while gaining earned media attention. To find out more about our social media marketing programs, click here.

Backlink Analysis.

Something which was a quick win in the past has come back to haunt many business as Google cracked down on users trying to jippo the system. We would need to analyse the backlinks pointing to your website and see what opportunities are available moving forward.

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