Enterprise SEO Campaigns

Take even a basic dive into SEO best practices and you’ll discover there are a lot of differences between enterprise and SMB SEO campaigns.

Despite the differences – like how enterprise businesses may have a massive marketing budget at their arsenal – I know from working with clients that there’s still a lot SMBs can learn from enterprise strategies.

Here are seven lessons from enterprise SEO campaigns that your SMB can start using today.

 Solve CMS Issues

Believe it or not, the standard website setup on most content management systems isn’t very SEO friendly.

Evaluate the CMS you use, then customize and fix any issues that are bad for SEO. These can include:

• Slow site speed;

• Poor mobile experience;

• Improper 301 or 404 redirects;

• Elements that can’t be indexed (e.g. JavaScript or Flash drop-down menus);

• URL structures that are difficult to index (and discourage clicks due to poor readability).

There are many potential technical issues on your site that are bad for SEO. Either have your site evaluated by a professional (like an enterprise business would), or use tools like Screaming Frog Site Crawler to identify issues, and follow technical SEO best practices.