• With real-time insights into campaign performance and click through rates, you can invest better in marketing messages that work.


    Built-in banner campaigns turn every email into a powerful marketing message for your customers, suppliers and prospects. Increase your advertising reach and market better without breaking the bank.


    Keep your brand and corporate identity consistent by centralising the look and feel of signatures on every mail that leaves your organisation. Centralised management aids your marketing communication by ensuring it’s consistent and available to the targeted audience.

Regewall Technology Branding allows your email to:

  • Increase your integrated marketing message through your email platform
  • Track and measure your marketing message and response rates
  • Run multiple and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increase click through rates and sales revenue with always-on sales communication
  • Manage and improve companywide corporate image
  • Centralised management ensures no end user configuration or additional software and hadware installation required
  • Accessible via a web interface and works across all devices
  • Ensures improved business communication across business stakeholders
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